1. Welcome to the tutorial, this will take 2 minutes of your time, Lets Go...!

arrow_backNew Custom Search Tool

1. Click search to filter many layers at once
2. When search is complete, click the tabs to find the features you are looking for...eg. Roll Number or Island Number. You don't need to enter the whole word, wildcards are built in. eg. Enter 'urtl' and it will find all features with that text string like.. 'Turtle Lake'
3. When you find the features attribute information, click in the row of the table at the bottom and the map will zoom to the feature...
4. Click clear to close the Search Tool. Your searched features and attributes will NOT be deleted, click search to re-open the search tool and your previous search will reappear!

arrow_backHome Extent

1. Click this tool any time to go back to the full extent.

arrow_backIdentify Tool

1. This tool is defaulted ON (in black).
2. Clicking anywhere on the map, a window will appear with information about where you clicked, eg. Property Inforation.
3. If a feature is found where you clicked, the map will highlight the feature(s)
4. Closing or minimizing this tool will hide the information, but like the Search tool the information will not be lost. Click the Identify Tool again to reopen and view the same information.

arrow_backDraw Tool

1. Draw Tool Has many functions, the best way to learn how to use it is to try all the options, clear your work with delete
2. All of these functions can be printed, however they will be deleted when you close you browser. 3. In red at the bottom will have Long/Lat coordinates to show the mouse position 4. In black below (after you complete your sketch) will show information about the sketch 5. Sketch/place text any where on the map, sktch arrow or a circle. 6. When drawing a Point, Line or Shape, you have the option to Buffer the drawn object and return the intersecting parcels or civic addresses. Before you draw the object, set the select Buffer and set the buffer distance, and select Return Parcels and/or Return Civic Addresses. 7. When drawing a line, you could also select Include Elevation Profile. This will return a new window with an interactive elevation profile.... try it out! 8. If you don't like the colour red, change the color for your sketches to what ever you like. 9. Delete all you work with the delete button 10. Unlike the Search and/or Identify tool map graphics, this information will stay on the map until you delete or close the browser.

arrow_backImagery Tool

1. Imagery Tool Info.

Menu Toolarrow_forward

1. Menu Tool Info.


The West Parry Sound Geography Network parcels are provided to the group quarterly (February, May, August and November). These are maintained externally. Changes or updates may be requested upon the approval of the West Parry Sound Geography Network and the company that maintains the parcels. The spatial accuracy of the parcels is unknown. Although a great amount of effort is being made to make the parcels spatially accurate, there MUST be an understanding that these parcel boundaries are for reference only and are not to be confused with what would be shown on a legal survey. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the West Parry Sound Geography Network by filling out an issue ticket.

Roads Roads are owned and maintained by the West Parry Sound Geography Network (WPSGN). The WPSGN works closely with the partners of the West Parry Sound Geography Network to obtain the most accurate information. The centreline of the road is digitized from air photography when it can be captured accurately. Changes to the centerline is ongoing as new air photography becomes available. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the West Parry Sound Geography Network by filling out an issue ticket.

Civic Address The West Parry Sound Geography Network Civic Addresses are maintained by one designated resourse from each Municipality/Township. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the respective Municipality/Township and not the West Parry Sound Geography Network.


You can redo this tutorial anytime, go to Menu Tool > Help / Tips > click on the Tutorial Button!

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1. Holding the shift key down will allow to click and drag a box to zoom in on that box.

2. High resolution imagery will automatically turn on when zoomed in close enough.

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*Note: Imagery layers are scale dependant and will only appear when zoomed in

For more information on WPSGN Airphotography, please visit this page.
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